EduTrack is an End-to-end, Feature complete, Hosted IT solution for Educational Institutions. We believe that technology has immense potential to transform the education industry, with an increased emphasis on student care. We have worked on the issues facing the Education Industry and the IT community and have anticipated, understood such imperatives, aligning iterative business and IT strategies for our clients for business transformation. Amidst various business and technology drivers within the education industry, we help our clients to prioritize, plan, and implement specific workflow systems. Our focus is on the client's goals to improve operational efficiencies, reduce risk and cost and improve customer service.

Issues Don't Worry:

On the basis of our discussions, EduTrack has identified a number of specific needs that must be addressed in your efforts to improve the overall Return on Investment (ROI). Managing a business in today's economy is not an easy thing! The challenge is to figure out where to put your budget, which is unfortunately, limited. By utilizing our solution, every business can profit from the following benefits:

Save Money- Save Time

»Better process quality, with standardization, increased efficiency, and ease of collaboration.
»Increased accuracy and security of data, which reduces costs associated with regulatory compliance
»Reduced workload for system administration, reduced training, and fewer upgrades by not using numerous fragmented systems.
»Improved data quality and visibility, because data is consistent, transparent, and available company wide.


Here under you will find EduTrack's recommendation for using our innovative solutions that will solve your specific problems and business challenge discussed in the preceding section.

The Scope of this project involves installation, training, implementation and ongoing maintainence of EduTrack EduTrack - School Management Solution. EduTrack will install the system at a centralized server which is managed and maintained by LM based on SaaS (read as: Software as a Service) technology and will provice any number of user access to the School.